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Interview with Medical Blogger Dr. R.W. Donnell

SoundPractice interviews Dr. R.W. Donnell of "Notes from Dr. RW" medical blog, a hospitalist in Northwest Arkansas. Discussion includes how and why Dr. Donnell started blogging, effects on him as a physician and person, evidence based medicine, hospitalists vs. non-hospitalists, complementary and alternative medicine, spiritual review of systems.

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The Future of One-Way Patient Communication

In this podcast, Gary Szasz of Cellminder discusses strategies that practices employ to communicate with patients, the advantages of virtual communications, the culture shift in practices necessary to increase patient satisfaction, the way practices can save time and money, and the other advantages of virtual communication beyond saving time and money.

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The Patient-Centered Medical Home: How to Advance Patient Care Through Technology with Jim Stape

In this 20-minute podcast, Jim Stape, Practice Manager at Gilbert Center for Family Medicine in Gilbert, Arizona, discusses the lessons learned by their small practice in applying for, and successfully gaining, NCQA patient-centered medical home recognition. He covers why the practice executives thought that they could achieve NCQA patient-centered medical home recognition, how and why incorporate Health IT to measure and report on care-giving activities, the tools and processes that have been especially helpful to them, the top benefits to the patients, and words of wisdom (and encouragement) for other small practices applying for the PCMH recognition. This podcast accompanies the excellent article that Jim Stape wrote for the Nov/Dec issue of The Journal of Medical Practice Management. For listeners who want a free copy of this issue, send an email to

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