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General Practice Management

Developing Personnel Policies to Keep You Out of the Courtroom: The Role of the Office Policy Manual

By Joan M. Roediger, J.D., L.L.M. - Employment liability has become an important issue for all enterprises. Medical practices often are not aware of the impact their policies and actions may have on their employees and the liability that may result.

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Innovative Ways to Boost Morale In Your Practice by Laura Sachs Hills

Employees with high morale are likely to work harder, contribute more to your practice, and stay with you. With a little ingenuity, almost anyone can come up with affordable, effective morale boosters that can add fun and excitement to your practice. This podcast suggests tried-and-true morale boosting techniques to be used with your staff, such as meeting enhancements, contests, and outings.

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Bonus and Profit Sharing in The Medical Practice

Bernd Kutzscher, MD, and eye doctor in San Francisco outlines the process he went through in setting up the right incentive plan or his practice.

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Career Development Opportunities for Physicians with Ivo Drury, MD/MBA

Kent Bottles, MD, interviews Ivo Drury, MD/MBA, of Career Consulting for Physicians. They discuss career development opportunities for physicians, some of the current dilemmas facing medical practitioners, the value of additional degrees, and whether there was a generational divide in attitudes within the medical profession.

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Evidence-based Medicine with Paul H. Keckley, Exec. Director of the Vanderbilt Center for Evidence-based Medicine

Kent Bottles, MD, interviews Paul H. Keckley, PhD and Executive Director of the Vanderbilt Center for Evidence-Based Medicine. Their discussion includes details on Vanderbilt's program, acceptance by clinicians, ways to deliver evidence, levels of study analysis, the acceptance of innovation and technology in the medical world, patterns in training clinicians and behavioral change, advice for the smaller practitioner on staying current, and the educated patient and the effects on the doctor-patient relationship.

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Interview with Anthony Cirillo, Healthcare Marketer, Consultant and Speaker

Kent Bottles, MD, interviews Anthony Cirillo, a healthcare marketer and consultant. They discuss consumer directed health, empowered consumers of healthcare, pricing transparency, medical tourism, and listening to your customer-loyalist.

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Interview with Dr. Gordon Moore, Solo Family Practice Physician

Kent Bottles, MD, interviews Dr. Gordon Moore, solo family practice physician in Rochester, New York and Institute for Healthcare Improvement faculty member. They chat about open access patient scheduling, lowering practice overhead, and returning joy to the physician workplace.

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Levels of Care Discussion with Kent Bottles and Lori Portfleet

Kent Bottles, MD, interviews Lori Portfleet, an independent healthcare consultant and former CEO of a hospital in West Michigan and has over 20 years experience in the field.

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Marketing for the Medical Practice - A Discussion with Ann Teliczan of the Allie Group

Kent Bottles, MD, interviews Ann Teliczan from the Allie Group about marketing medical practices and physicians services. Topics include difficulty in convincing physicians to pursue marketing, why marketing is necessary, the advantages of Web sites, Web site costs, the process to select a marketing group, physician use of email, physicians use of blogs and marketing costs.

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The Importance of Private Practitioners in the Education of the Next Generation of Physicians

Kent Bottles, MD, interviews David C. Leach, MD, Executive Director of Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)

0:20:40 9.73mb download General Practice Management

Medblogger as Patient: Interview with Elisa Camahort of

Kent Bottles, MD, interviews Elisa Camahort, founder of the medblog Initially they discuss the nature of medblogging, the concept behind the Grand Rounds blog, and then move on to a discussion on improving the patient experience, consumer driven health and what medical practices need to do to serve and retain patients.

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Interview with Dr. Eric Novack, MD, Practicing Orthopaedic Surgeon and Radio Talk Show Host

Dr. Eric Novack, MD, practicing orthopaedic surgeon, health policy expert, and radio interview show host discusses his vision for what consumer-driven health care should look like in the United States of America.

0:23:07 10.59mb download General Practice Management

Discussion about HSAs and Consumer Driven Health with Matthew Holt, Health Care Strategist

Kent Bottles, MD, interviews pioneer healthcare policy blogger and strategist Matthew Holt of San Francisco. After a short chat about blogging, they discuss consumer driven health care and what the private doctor's office needs to do to get ready for empowered patients armed with HSAs.

0:26:10 11.99mb download General Practice Management

What Patients Say They Want, and What They Really Want From Their Private Practice Physicians by Professor Carl E. Schneider from The University of Michigan Schools of Law and Medicine

Kent Bottles, MD, interviews Professor Carl E. Schneider from The University of Michigan Schools of Law and Medicine on what patients really want from their private practice physicians. Professor Schneider holds the Chauncey Stillman Chair of Law and is the author of The Practice of Autonomy: Patients, Doctors, and Medical Decisions

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Don't Leave Money on the Table: Advice from Mark Huizenga

Mark Huizenga is a West Michigan accountant and a former private practice manager who helps doctors' offices improve the efficiency of their systems. He talks to Kent Bottles, MD about fee schedules and other ways "not to leave money on the table."

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The Importance of Effective Communication with Patients, Colleagues, and Staff with Dr. Michael S. Woods

Dr. Michael S. Woods of, practicing surgeon, former researcher, leadership coach, and author of Healing Words and Applying Personal Leadership Principles to Healthcare discusses the importance of effective communication with patients, colleagues, and staff with Kent Bottles, MD.

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The Three Things Every Private Practice Should Do Immediately with Dr. Maulik Joshi, President and CEO of the Delmarva Foundation

Kent Bottles, MD, interviews Dr. Maulik Joshi, President and CEO of the Delmarva Foundation about what every medical practice can do immediately to improve their quality.

0:22:01 10.09mb download General Practice Management

Seeing Your Office Through the Eyes of Your Patients with Kris White of The Center for Exceptional Experiences

Kent Bottles, MD, Kris White, RN, Senior Hospital Director, The Center for Exceptional Experiences, Spectrum Health, Grand Rapids, Michigan
and discusses who to greatly improve the patient experience.

0:18:50 8.63mb download General Practice Management

The Business Case for Complementary Medicine Services with John Ritch, Exec. Dir. of The Wege Institute

Kent Bottles, MD, interviews John Ritch, FACHE, Executive Director The Wege Institute for Health and Learning, Saint Mary's Healthcare about complementary and alternative medicine.

0:22:11 10.16mb download General Practice Management

Perspective from Both Sides: Provider and Payer - Shaun Soller, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan

Kent Bottles, MD, interviews Shaun Soller, Manager of Provider Inquiry Operations for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan, who previously managed private practice for 14 years.

0:22:16 10.20mb download General Practice Management

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