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General Practice Management

Setting Trouble-Free Policies for Parental and Sick Leave

Parental and sick leave are medical staff benefits that can lead to all kinds of problems. A podcast from an article by Laura Sachs Hills.

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Preliminary Screening of Job Applicants in 5 Steps

Preliminary Screening of Job Applicants in 5 Steps by Laura Sachs Hills, M.A.: In this editorial, the author suggests a five-step screening technique that will help you identify the best applicants from a large pool. The editorial explains how to eliminate unsuitable candidates and offers practical guidelines for ranking qualified applicants. It also offers advice about verifying job eligibility and using tests in the application process.

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Recognizing and Dealing With Impaired Clinicians Part 1 Recognition and Reporting

Medical licensing boards and clinical societies encourage (and most boards require) physicians to report colleagues reasonably suspected of not practicing safely and competently. Failure to report unsafe, incompetent, or illegally acting clinicians can seriously damage patients, the profession, and the doctor himself/herself. Good-faith reporting is generally protected from lawsuit.

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Recognizing and Dealing With Impaired Clinicians Part II - Treatment Options

Medical licensing boards and clinical societies encourage (and most boards require) physicians to report colleagues reasonably suspected of not practicing safely and competently. Failure to report unsafe, incompetent, or illegally acting clinicians can seriously damage patients, the profession, and the doctor himself/herself. Good-faith reporting is generally protected from lawsuit.

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Avoiding Leasing Pitfalls

Avoiding Leasing Pitfalls by Karen Zupko and Melissa Lupella: This editorial explains some of the most common misunderstandings in the leasing process, such as types of leases, rentable vs. usable space, escalations, and other considerations.

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Keeping Internal Chart Reviews from Being Used Against You: 11 Useful Strategies by David M. Glaser, J.D.

Internal chart reviews are useful tools for practices to determine the accuracy of their coding when billing for services, especially to governmental payers. They can also boomerang, however, and be used as evidence against a practice when their results are not fully understood or implemented.

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Guidelines for Corporate Covenants and Physician Employment Agreements

Failure to set forth an appropriate framework for collaboration and employment between physicians can be the source of much distress and acrimony. This podcast covers an editorial from Steven Peltz and provides practical guidelines that will help physicians structure corporate or partnership agreements and employment agreements that are fair and clear.

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The Physician as Witness

The Physician as Witness by Daniel I. Small, Esq. This editorial addresses the, "Four E's" to help explain the challenges doctors face as witnesses and the challenges lawyers face in preparing them.

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Physician Workforce Issues: Interview with Atul Grover, M.D., of The Lewin Group

Supply and demand for physicians, taking into consideration location, demographics, effects of outsourcing and the use of non-physician clinicians.

0:22:40 10.68mb download General Practice Management

Medical Librarians as a Valuable Resource to Medical Practice with Sandra Dahlman, Medical Librarian at Spectrum Health

Sandra Dahlman, Medical Librarian at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, Michigan discusses why she thinks medical librarians are underutilized by private practice physicians; she suggests that a personal relationship with your librarian will pay dividends for both you and your patients. Topics include services provided, debate over peer-review, online journals and use of the library by patients.

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Medical Blogs: An Interview with Kevin Pho of KevinMD

Kent Bottles, MD, Interviews Kevin Pho, M.D. and founder of about blogging and its and importance to the medical practice community.

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Podcast: A Hope and a Prayer

These years have seen a burgeoning of the science of medicine. Diagnostics and therapies that were nearly unimaginable have become commonplace. The best of American medicine is indeed among the worlds best. Though we spend a greater portion of our GDP on health than any other nation, there remains as yawning a gap in access to these wonderful services. In this Editorial from The Journal of Medical Practice Management, Marcel Frenkel, MD, MBA, provides a snapshot of American medical practice in 2005.

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Premises Liability

From a JMPM article written by Fillmore Buckner, M.D. J.D. This podcast discusses clear ways any physician or office manager can avoid major legal problems by paying close attention to the needs and rights of office invitees. The focus of any physician considering insurance should include not only malpractice insurance but also premises liability insurance.

0:18:01 8.25mb download General Practice Management

Becoming a Better Delegator

From an article in The Journal of Medical Practice Management by Laura Sachs. Most medical practice managers know that delegation is a useful practice management tool to streamline both personal and practice efficiency. However, delegation is often underused, misused, and misunderstood.

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Practical Tips for Marketing Your Practice with Dr. Neil Baum

Interview with Urologist Dr. Neil Baum. Discussion includes topics such as grass roots marketing efforts such as newspaper, radio, TV and local community organizations; The difference between marketing and public relations; Affordable or "shoestring" marketing techniques; Exceeding patient expectations; Effective use of email and Web sites for communication with patients and patient satisfaction; Reasons for and dealing with patient defection; Time saving techniques to see more patients per day; Strategies for physicians with a shrinking population base; Working with non-medical professionals for referrals.

0:34:23 15.75mb download General Practice Management

Getting the Most from Office Temporaries by Laura Sachs Hills

This podcast explores when and how to hire a temporary employee. It suggests strategies for preparing for the temporary employee's arrival, orienting the employee to the practice and assigned tasks, and evaluating the temporary worker's performance. In addition, this article offers ideas about working well with temporary employment agencies, as well as likely policies one would encounter when trying to hire a temporary employee permanently.

0:14:11 6.50mb download General Practice Management

A Discussion on Boutique, Concierge, or Retainer Practice Medicine with Dr. Edward Goldman of MDVip

Nancy Collins, Publisher of The Journal of Medical Practice Management, interviews Dr. Edward E. Goldman, President and CEO of MDVip, Inc. Magazine's number 30 pick in their top 500 fastest growing companies in 2005. The discussion inludes the evolution of the concept of Concierge Medicine; the advantages which include enhanced professional satisfaction; better personal life and increased income; the disadvantages which includes the possible discomfort of some physicians with deeper personal patient relationships and also becoming "rusty" from seeing too few patients; the "typical" concierge practitioner; the process involved in switching from a traditional practice to a concierge practice; the concern about separation in health care between the "haves and the have-nots"; the continued participation in third party player plans; concierge medicine as a genuine option for consumers in the health care landscape; where to additional information on concierge or boutique medicine.

0:22:55 10.49mb download General Practice Management

Is Your Billing Service Doing You a Dis-Service?

This podcast, from and article by Gregory H. Nizich, C.H.B.C., describes a manual tracking system that lets the billing service do all the work and requires a minimal amount of time to maintain. The goal of the system is to keep the billing service on its toes by routinely requesting the status of random claims. Eventually you will become a very polite, but squeaky wheel, and will get the attention you deserve.

0:08:25 3.86mb download General Practice Management

Strategic Planning for the Medical Practice with Judy Capko

Medical practice management consultant Judy Capko discusses how to organize and run a strategic planning session for the medical practice. Topics include: buy-in from physicians, how to get involvement from less-than-enthusiastic participants, selecting the proper facilitator, what role the facilitator plays, where strategic planning sessions should be held, social activities, the "rules of engagement", pre-planning, retreat outcomes based on data driven decisions, outlining strategies agreed to during the session, follow-up, assigning responsibility and keeping the plan on course, the importance of sharing the plan with office staff, and budgeting for a planning session.

0:20:01 9.17mb download General Practice Management

Medical Practice Startup Strategies with Michelle Wier of The Halley Consulting Group

An interview with Michelle Wier, B.S. CMPE, of The Halley Consulting Group. Discussion includes finding the correct legal and business structure, necessary types of insurance coverage, typical physician to staff ratios, the importance of implementing and electronic medical record when starting up of a new practice, evaluating where your new practice will locate, the marketing mind-set of new physicians, recommendations for the new practitioner and resources available.

0:24:01 11.00mb download General Practice Management

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