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General Practice Management

Workplace Violence: Protecting Your Practice From an Epidemic

From an article by Robert C. Calway, M.H.C.A., B.S., M.T.(A.S.C.P.) in The Journal of Medical Practice Management. Workplace violence, in the form of verbal threats and/or intimidation and physical aggression, is commonplace in medical practices today. The practice must be prepared to respond to this disaster in the same manner with which they prepare for responses to a medical emergency, fire, or loss of electricity.

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Financial Checklist for a Profitable Practice - an Interview with Max Reiboldt CEO of The Coker Group

Max Reiboldt, CPA is Managing Partner and CEO of The Coker Group, based in Alpharetta, GA. Mr. Reiboldt oversees Coker's services and coordinates and/or supervises most projects. He works with providers to improve financial operations, develop and implement compensation systems, and institute profitable service lines. His expertise encompasses governance analysis and design, strategic planning, and financial performance.

What physicians need to do to stay on top of the financial reporting, what most physicians do to acquaint themselves with the operations of the practice and the accompanying financial details, tips for the practice administrator or office manager who may be preparing statements or reports for the doctors in the practice, costs spiraling out of control, a method of reviewing expenses to determine ways to reduce costs and to control increases, monthly meeting where the practices' financial reports are reviewed, trends in the reporting materials and the role of the office administrator, what practices needs to concentrate on in 2006 to become more profitable.

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Working with Your Spouse, Children, or Other Close Relatives

Employing someone you're close to in your medical practice can have many advantages. Yet, as many doctors find, employing relatives can also have its pitfalls.
This article describes the financial benefits of employing a loved one in your medical practice. It suggests the specific steps you will need to take to legitimize your spouse's, significant other's, or relative's employment.

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Taking the Leap - Becoming a Health Care Consultant

Starting a health care consulting business involves more than expertise in your field: it takes business savvy, lots of financial smarts, excellent people and communication skills and marketing know-how. Consulting in heath care is one of the hottest trends in the market today, as more and more people appreciate the independence and flexibility it brings and the range of potential income that the business can generate. In this podcast Betsy Nicoletti, author of Physician Auditing Workbook and owner of Medical Practice Consulting, shares the strategies that worked for her, as well as mistakes made along the way.

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Finding The Right Office Administrator/Office Manager for Your Practice

Fran Parrish is the Administrator of the Department of Dermatology at the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY and served as President of the Association of Dermatology Administrators/Managers (ADA/M) since 2004. Ms. Parrish, with 18 years as a practice administrator, describes the day-to-day activities of an administrator in an academic practice and she provides hints for physicians in hiring an office manager and how physicians can be good "partners" with the administrative staff. How does a physician decide between an office manager and an office administrator? Also traits that make a good office manager and hot topics in practice are also covered.

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Twenty Strategies to Reduce the Risk of a Malpractice Claim

This podcast describes 20 practical risk management strategies a physician practice can implement to strengthen aspects of the care delivery process and reduce potential liability exposure.

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Avoiding Common Billing Pitfalls: Non-Physician Providers

Jennifer Bever, a member of the consulting team of Karen Zupko & Associates, based in Chicago, works extensively with medical practices, primarily in Orthopaedic practices to review and improve billing and collection processes. In this podcast, Jennifer reviews billing protocols for non-physician providers (Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Nurse Specialists), differences between "direct" and "incident to" billing for non-provider physicians, and common pitfalls for this area of billing. Jennifer also shares practical guidelines for medical practices to ensure they are following the appropriate guidelines for correct billing.

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Health Literacy in the Medical Practice

Interview with Gloria Mayer, RN, Ed.D., President & CEO, Institute for Healthcare Advancement. In this timely podcast Dr. Mayer discusses the focus on health literacy and the surrounding problems of patient compliance with regimens, patient understanding of medical problems and the tricky aspects of identifying patients who have difficulty reading. Gloria Mayer reviews the "Ask Me 3" program - 3 basic questions that health professionals should answer for every patient. She discusses problems affiliated with medical jargon and she also shares practical tools and innovative solutions to combat low health literacy.

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How to Reduce Administrative Demands in the Medical Office

In this podcast, Judy Capko, author of Secrets of the Best-Run Practices, discusses how physicians and managers can control the cost of staff when there are so many demands on everyone's time, how to identify the practice activities that need the most attention, some easy-to-implement strategies that can be applied to give staff relief without increasing costs, and the logic behind outsourcing and implementing new technologies in the practice.

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Kick-Starting Your Practice

Many physicians face a common problem that can be frustrating and can cause a practice to become stagnant. The situation occurs when, to the outside observer, the practice appears to be in chaos. Boxes, papers, and books are piled all over the business area, as well as every other area of the office. Cash flow is tight, morale is low, and you just don't know where to start to turn your practice around.

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Use of Business Intelligence in the Medical Practice

Tim Coan, CEO of ALN Medical Management, presents compelling reasons behind collecting and analyzing business intelligence in the medical practice. He reviews "Insight" and the results that these insights produce. He further discusses the technology, data collection processes and reporting needed in the practice to drive collection of business intelligence. Lastly, he provides strategies on how physicians or business administrators can use business intelligence to drive changes in the medical practice.

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Mystery Shoppers for the Medical Practice

Jodi Manfredi, Founder and President of Examine Your Practice, a company dedicated to the process of using "mystery shoppers" for the medical practice. In this podcast interview, Ms. Manfredi, who has had more than 20 years in the healthcare industry, talks about the type of practices that can benefit from the process of using a mystery shopper, the benefits of using a company to discover the positives and negatives in a practice, and how the healthcare industry is changing as a result of this type of service. Her site is

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The Role of the Medical Office Manager

Interview with Richard Blanchette, Executive Director, PAHCOM (Professional Association for Health Care Office Management). Mr. Blanchette describes the day-to-day responsibilities of the office manager, the mission of PAHCOM in its support of physicians and medical practices, guidelines for physicians on hiring a qualified office manager, physician "partnering" with the office manager and the future of the profession of medical office management. More info can be found at

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The Importance of Follow-Up: Why Is It My Responsibility?

By Veronica McGrath, M.S. Like poor communication, poor office management can create ill-will among patients and can actually contribute to negligence itself. It is imperative that every office have a system for tracking test results and referrals to ensure that patients do not "fall though the cracks". There are several types of effective tracking systems. But, the key to a good follow-up system is to use the system.

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The Future of One-Way Patient Communication

In this podcast, Gary Szasz of Cellminder discusses strategies that practices employ to communicate with patients, the advantages of virtual communications, the culture shift in practices necessary to increase patient satisfaction, the way practices can save time and money, and the other advantages of virtual communication beyond saving time and money.

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Interview with Bruce Lefco CEO of Health Payment Systems

Bruce Lefco discussed the state of healthcare reimbursements and the features of Health Payment Systems, Inc., a Financial Transactions Company based in Milwaukee, dedicated to simplifying the reimbursement process and lowering the cost-to-collect and bad debt expense.

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Washington Update Podcast with Owen Dahl

Tune in to hear nationally-recognized expert Owen Dahl discuss the following: The impact on the overall health care legislative picture based upon the results of the recent Congressional elections, who are the new key players (and the key issues) to watch in the 110th Congress, status of the 5% across the board SGR mandated cut of the physician fee schedule and what role administrators and physicians can play with healthcare issues and politics.

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Break Through Your Medical Practice Success Barriers

Whether you are looking to enhance your success or simply to hold onto it, this 20 minute Podcast with Wendy Lipton-Dibner of Professional Impact, Inc. will help you to achieve your goals. You will learn about the 1 key area of your practice where simple interventions can make the difference between increased revenues and falling profit margins. Listeners will receive access to a complimentary self-assessment instrument that will enable them to strategically identify 25 critical interventions that they can make to bring their practices to new heights of success in 2007. Take the complimentary practice assessment at

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Interview with Reed Pew, CEO and President of the AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders)

Reed Pew, CEO and President of the AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) discusses in this first podcast for 2007, the mission of the AAPC, the future of the profession of medical coding, advantages for physician offices to employ certified coders, salary ranges of coders and methods of recruiting certified coders for a medical practice. Reed is interviewed by Nancy Collins, Publisher of The Journal of Medical Practice Management

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How to Get Paid the 1.5% Medicare Bonus by Betsy Nicoletti

Betsy Nicoletti, MS, CPC, President of Medical Practice Consulting ( ) discusses in this timely podcast, "Getting Paid the 1.5% Medicare Bonus." She outlines the strategy for reporting quality indicators to the CMS and the difference between pay for performance and this physician voluntary reporting program mandated by Congress. To sign up for the live audio conference on Feb 14, 2007 visit this link -

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