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General Practice Management

Preventing Workplace Violence in the Healthcare Setting

Sheila Dunn, D.A., MT (ASCP) and Sarah Alholm, M.A.S. of Quality America, Inc. discuss Preventing Workplace Violence in the Healthcare Setting. In this podcast, these experts discuss how widespread these incidents are and how practices should prepare for workplace violence. They also review who are the most likely perpetrators of workplace violence, security measures recommended for medical offices, and the tie-in with OSHA regulations. Quality America, Inc. (

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How to Stay on Top of Practice Finances with Judy Capko

Judy Capko, President of Capko & Co., based in Thousand Oaks, California and the author of the best-seller, Secrets of the Best-Run Practices is interviewed by In this 20 minute podcast, Judy reviews the concept of monthly strategy meetings in a medical practice, how to get doctors and others in the practice to buy-in to such meetings, how to best structure meetings to share performance data, and the most important issues and benchmark data to cover on a regular basis. She also discusses how to keep focus and momentum up for such strategy sessions.

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When Dangerous Employees Cause Harm

Interview with Jon Zimring, Partner, Duane Morris, LLP, based in Chicago discusses his articles from recent issues of The Journal of Medical Practice Management. Mr. Zimring discusses how to define a "dangerous employee", why physicians and physician practices seem to be increasingly on the hot seat for liability, are workplaces becoming more dangerous or is the danger simply increasing for employers? He also covers useful information a practice leader can gain from employee exit interviews, and how to keep personnel policies relevant in today's changing employee pool.

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Getting Paid for Well Visits with Betsy Nicoletti

In this 20 minute podcast, Betsy Nicoletti, MS, CPC, President of Medical Practice Consulting and author of the best-seller, The Field Guide to Physician Coding,
reviews the codes that a physician, NP or PA can use to bill for a patient's annual preventive services, what is included in each of those codes, strategies for billing for sports physicals, Medicare rules and guidelines on annual physical exams, other preventive services such as pap tests, immunizations and diagnostic lab services and imaging. Betsy Nicoletti - find her book at

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It's Never Too Early (or Too Late) to Set Performance Employee Goals and Expectations with Dr. Dan Strakal

Dr. Dan Strakal, through his radio shows, consulting activities and speaking engagements has helped dozens of organizations overcome challenges to create satisfying and successful workplaces. In this podcast, Dr. Strakal discusses practical strategies for medical practice managers on how to set performance goals and expectations, how to handle employees who refuse to set, much less, meet performance goals and how a manager is a complex medical practice can expect employees to self-monitor and self-manage his or her own behavior.

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Space Planning: Increasing Patient Volume and Quality of Practice Life

Podcast interview on Increasing Patient Volume and Quality of Practice Life (from a space planning viewpoint) with Larry R. Brooks, Partner and Senior Medical Planning Consultant, Medical Design International (MDI) based in Norcross, Georgia (

Mr. Brooks discusses strategies a practice can do to better utilize the doctor's time, with emphasis on his adage, "Things come to the doctor, the doctor does not go to the things." He discusses how to eliminate distractions for the doctor, how to always have patients ready for the doctor, proper use of the appointment schedule, communication system and patient flow system, and discussion of the right amount of space and right layout for a medical office and their impact on productivity. Also hear about the trends of using scribes in office practice.

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Interview with David B. Nash, MD, MBA, FACP, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Health Policy at Jefferson Medical College

David B. Nash, MD, MBA, FACP, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Health Policy at Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University of Philadelphia author/editor of 17 books, and repeatedly named by Modern Healthcare to the top 100 most powerful persons in healthcare list is interviewed about his latest book, Practicing Medicine in the 21st Century, published by the American College of Physician Executives,
In this 20-minute podcast interview with Nancy Collins, Publisher of The Journal of Medical Practice Management, Dr. Nash discusses the challenges facing physicians today, the characteristics of an ideal practice, how physicians can improve the quality of their care, how physicians can prepare for pay-for-performance (P4P) and the extra training that physicians might find useful in the new era of medical practice.

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How to Get Paid for Hospital Services with Betsy Nicoletti, MS, CPC, President of Medical Practice Consulting

In this 20 minute podcast, Betsy reviews details surrounding physicians getting paid for hospital services. Can physicians get paid if they have to see a sick patient more than once a day? What does group membership have to do with getting paid for hospital services? What is the difference between observation admission series of codes and the observation with discharge codes? What are the rules for critical care? What about the proper way to bill follow up visits after an initial inpatient consultation?

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The Future of Group Practice by Randy Bauman, President, Delta Health Care

In this 20-minute podcast, seasoned consultant Randy Bauman discusses the state of independent physician groups, challenges that face small-to-medium sized groups, the impact of The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, values of practices and hospitals' interest in acquiring practices, pitfalls in selling to a hospital, and the future of physician group practices.

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How Well-Informed Patients Make Better Patients with Dr. Jeff Gruen of Revolution Health

Dr. Jeff Gruen, Chief Medical Officer of Revolution Health discusses How Well-Informed Patients Make Better Patients. In this 20 - minute podcast Dr. Gruen discusses why patient education is so important, the types of patient education materials patients should have and how physicians can work with patients to provide quality patient education materials. He also gives examples of how well-informed patients are better patients (with better clinical outcomes).

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How Much Does it Cost You to See a Patient

In this 20 minute podcast, Owen Dahl, MBA, FACHE, CHBC, author of Think Business! Medical Practice Quality, Efficiency, Profits, discusses how much it really costs a doctor (or a practice) to see a patient. No, the answer isn't what you charge for an office visit. A physician needs wise management of costs and an understanding of revenue enhancement to assure long-term success for the practice. But how do you analyze costs in a practice? Mr. Dahl addresses fixed, variable, direct and indirect costs with practical examples of what costs you can control. You may think it is your office supplies - but analysis of your payroll may yield larger savings. Also hear his expert comments about patient satisfaction, your no-show rate, overtime costs, and what it means to the practice to see just one additional patient per day.

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Working with Family - Does it Work?

In this 20-minute podcast, consultant Jennifer O'Brien from Karen Zupko & Associates discusses working with family. We're seeing more and more of these types of working arrangements and Ms. O'Brien describes scenarios she has encountered, both successes and disasters. She discusses how to settle on a reasonable wage for a family member, impact of "pillow talk" between a physician and spouse employee, consideration of insurance (and other financial details) when more than one member of a family draws an income from the practice, and legal issues of having one member "report" to another family member.

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Stop the Medical Office Bickering with Judy Capko

In this 20-minute podcast, Judy Capko, author of the runaway best seller, Secrets of the Best-Run Practices covers specific reasons why conflicts can emerge in a practice and how office bickering can impact productivity. She provides tips on how to approach the subject with staff and practical ideas on resolving the bickering. She also describes very proactive strategies physicians and office executives can use to reduce the potential conflicts.

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Hot Issues for Hospitals - and What that Means for Physicians

Jennifer Bever, FACHE, the Director of Education for Sg2 discusses hot issues for hospitals and the impact of these issues on physician and physician practices. In this 20-minute podcast, Ms. Bever covers Medicare payment reductions and surgical services, pay-for-performance, projected physician workforce shortages, what makes physician-hospital partnerships successful, and very specific strategies on how physicians can work more effectively with hospitals. Jennifer Bever also discusses when and how physicians should "do it themselves."

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Grow Your Practice from the Inside Out

Why is it that some practices have a flair for rapid growth? It is a combination of good financial planning and terrific customer service that drives referrals. In this 20-minute podcast, Judy Capko, author of the runaway best seller, Secrets of the Best-Run Practices discusses elements of how patients rate their doctors, the most common complaints patients have about their physicians, the importance of office aesthetics, the use of technology for patients to better "connect" with their doctors, and the use of mystery patients or mystery shoppers in the medical practice.

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Real Time Claim Adjudication with Doral Davis-Jacobsen, BHS, MBA, CMPE

Implementing Real Time Claim Adjudication may be a smart move for many medical practices. In this 20-minute podcast, Doral Davis-Jacobsen Manager, Physician Services Consulting Unit Dixon Hughes, PLLC defines the term, how the process of real time adjudication effects accounts receivable workflow, the challenges in implementing the program, keys to success in incorporating the process into the practice workflow, and the impressive impact on the financial performance of the practice.

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Expanding into the Gay and Lesbian Market: What Savvy Medical Practices Know

Many physician practices recognize that they can expand business by reaching out to specific communities, including targeting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) patients. Ellen Kahn, Director of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation's Family Project discusses what strategies physician practices are using to reach out to the LGBT community and meet their needs and expectations. She provides concrete examples of what is likely to work or not work.

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Feedback: The Breakfast of Champions by Irv Rubin

Dr. Rubin, the author of "Dying for Compassion," discusses in this 20-minute podcast the roots of his own deep interest in feedback, why hearing the word "feedback" causes most people to cringe, and the negative consequences of poorly delivered feedback. Hear also his opinion of the 360-degree feedback craze, how to make delivering bad news a "win-win" and he wraps up with a few practical suggestions on how to improve giving and receiving feedback.

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Post Adverse Event: Reducing the Exposure for Your Medical Practice

In this 20-minute podcast, hear Jim Saxton, from the law firm of Stevens and Lee discuss why post adverse event is such an important issue for physicians, the advantages (and potential drawbacks) of physicians saying, " I'm sorry," and the importance of coming up with a plan and policy for the practice on handling adverse events. He also discusses why this is an issue not only for physicians but for everyone on the team in a medical practice.

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The Action Formula: The Shortest Distance Between What You Have and What You Want

In this 20-minute podcast interview, Wendy Lipton-Dibner, author and speaker, describes the evolution of The Action Formula: The Shortest Distance Between What You Have and What You Want and how the strategy (and her book) is being implemented in medical and dental practices. Is it a book for business or a self-help book? It's both! And Wendy explains how this can be.

As one of the reviewers of the book wrote, "Move over, Tom Peters and Ken Blanchard," and Wendy discusses what the reviewer meant. Lastly, Wendy describes WHAT the Action Formula is and why it has such wide appeal to both healthcare and corporate communities.

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