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General Practice Management

The Patient-Centered Medical Home: How to Advance Patient Care Through Technology with Jim Stape

In this 20-minute podcast, Jim Stape, Practice Manager at Gilbert Center for Family Medicine in Gilbert, Arizona, discusses the lessons learned by their small practice in applying for, and successfully gaining, NCQA patient-centered medical home recognition. He covers why the practice executives thought that they could achieve NCQA patient-centered medical home recognition, how and why incorporate Health IT to measure and report on care-giving activities, the tools and processes that have been especially helpful to them, the top benefits to the patients, and words of wisdom (and encouragement) for other small practices applying for the PCMH recognition. This podcast accompanies the excellent article that Jim Stape wrote for the Nov/Dec issue of The Journal of Medical Practice Management. For listeners who want a free copy of this issue, send an email to

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How to Hire and Keep Good Employees for Your Medical Practice

In this 20-minute podcast, Dr. Walter West from, discussed practical details of hiring and recruiting good employees for your medical practice. He covers the following: Surprisingly, why money is NOT the most important thing an employee looks for in a job, how to effectively use your office manager or administrator in the recruitment process, how to run staff meetings that work for you, how to go about finding and keeping good people, how to motivate employees to do more than just show up, the importance of employee reviews (and terrifically smart strategies to make the process more palatable)

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Your Medical Practice's Success: The Necessity for Change and a New Vision

In this 20-minute podcast, the authors of the best-seller, 31 ½ Essentials for Running Your Medical Practice, discuss the biggest challenges that doctors have, the elements of change that are good for practices, the attributes of a good healthcare provider, and the mission that keeps them, John Guiliana and Hal Ornstein going - the drive to help other doctors, their practices, and patients.

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Online Reputation Management for Medical Practices

In this 20-minute podcast, Laurie Morgan of Capko & Company discusses the issue of Online Reputation Management for the Medical Practice. Hear her practical commentary on this growing issue for medical practices. More and more physicians are finding themselves being rated on online sites and Ms. Morgan discusses the biggest mistakes medical practices make in managing their online reputations, the first steps practices should take in managing their reputations online, and how to avoid online reputation management becoming a huge time sink for physicians and managers. Also hear some surprising statistics about online reviews and ratings!

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Your Practice Can't Afford a Lunch Break

In this 20-minute podcast interview with Cheryl Bisera, marketing image consultant for healthcare from, she discusses the curious concept of closing the medical practice at lunchtime, the financial impact on medical practices when they shut down for lunch, the reasons why some medical practices feel obligated to do this, the true meaning of a patient-centered practice, and strategies practices can use to change this old-fashioned practice.

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Healthcare Policy

An Editorial on Healthcare by M. Frenkel, MD, Founder, The Journal of Medical Practice Management

After 20 years as Editor of The Journal of Medical Practice Management, Marcel Frenkel, MD, MBA writes his final editorial on the current healthcare environment and offers suggestions in this piece called, "A Hope and A Prayer."

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Interview with Blog Pioneer Dr. Robert Centor of

Kent Bottles, MD interviews Robert M. Centor, MD, Professor and Director, Division of General Internal Medicine Assoc., Dean for CME and Huntsville Regional Medical Campus. Dr. Centor is one of the earliest medbloggers and runs the well known blog They discuss the phenomena of blogging and the issues facing new private practice physicians.

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Blogging, Hazelnuts, Steve Wozniak and Anesthesia with Dr. Joe Stirt of

Kent Bottles, MD interviews the eclectic Dr. Joe Stirt, the world's only blogging anesthesiologist. Among other things they discuss the power of blogging, the price of hazelnuts, Steve Wozniak, quality medicine and anesthesiology and academic anesthesia vs. private practice.

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Interview with Dr. James Rice, Vice Chairman of The Governance Institute

Kent Bottles, MD, Dr. James Rice, Vice Chairman of The Governance Institute. They discuss how private practice physicians can help hospitals respond to society's call for more transparency in healthcare. They also discuss the three key characteristics of effective physician participation in hospital and health system governance.

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The Importance of Private Practitioners in the Education of the Next Generation of Physicians

Kent Bottles, MD, interviews David C. Leach, MD, Executive Director of Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)

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Interview with Fourth Year Medical Student and Blogger

Kent Bottles, MD, interviews a 4th year medical student who lives and blogs in New York City.

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Interview with Dr. Eric Novack, MD, Practicing Orthopaedic Surgeon and Radio Talk Show Host

Dr. Eric Novack, MD, practicing orthopaedic surgeon, health policy expert, and radio interview show host discusses his vision for what consumer-driven health care should look like in the United States of America.

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Discussion about HSAs and Consumer Driven Health with Matthew Holt, Health Care Strategist

Kent Bottles, MD, interviews pioneer healthcare policy blogger and strategist Matthew Holt of San Francisco. After a short chat about blogging, they discuss consumer driven health care and what the private doctor's office needs to do to get ready for empowered patients armed with HSAs.

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A Discussion on the Future of Healthcare with Dr. Richard L. Reece, Editor-in-Chief of Physician Practice Options

Kent Bottles, MD, interviews Dr. Richard L. Reece, Editor-in-Chief of Physician Practice Options and author of "Voices of Health Reform." They discuss the future of healthcare and areas where the private practice can prepare, such as understanding the consumer driven environment, HSA's, and pleasing consumers.

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Discussion with Professor J. Scott Armstrong on Peer Review and Tranparency in Medicine

Kent Bottles, MD, interviews Wharton School Professor J. Scott Armstrong. Prof. Armstrong shares his views on the peer review system and what impact technology plays, the Seer-Sucker Theory, and transparency in medicine.

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Podcast: A Hope and a Prayer

These years have seen a burgeoning of the science of medicine. Diagnostics and therapies that were nearly unimaginable have become commonplace. The best of American medicine is indeed among the worlds best. Though we spend a greater portion of our GDP on health than any other nation, there remains as yawning a gap in access to these wonderful services. In this Editorial from The Journal of Medical Practice Management, Marcel Frenkel, MD, MBA, provides a snapshot of American medical practice in 2005.

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Health Literacy in the Medical Practice

Interview with Gloria Mayer, RN, Ed.D., President & CEO, Institute for Healthcare Advancement. In this timely podcast Dr. Mayer discusses the focus on health literacy and the surrounding problems of patient compliance with regimens, patient understanding of medical problems and the tricky aspects of identifying patients who have difficulty reading. Gloria Mayer reviews the "Ask Me 3" program - 3 basic questions that health professionals should answer for every patient. She discusses problems affiliated with medical jargon and she also shares practical tools and innovative solutions to combat low health literacy.

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Washington Update Podcast with Owen Dahl

Tune in to hear nationally-recognized expert Owen Dahl discuss the following: The impact on the overall health care legislative picture based upon the results of the recent Congressional elections, who are the new key players (and the key issues) to watch in the 110th Congress, status of the 5% across the board SGR mandated cut of the physician fee schedule and what role administrators and physicians can play with healthcare issues and politics.

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Interview with David B. Nash, MD, MBA, FACP, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Health Policy at Jefferson Medical College

David B. Nash, MD, MBA, FACP, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Health Policy at Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University of Philadelphia author/editor of 17 books, and repeatedly named by Modern Healthcare to the top 100 most powerful persons in healthcare list is interviewed about his latest book, Practicing Medicine in the 21st Century, published by the American College of Physician Executives,
In this 20-minute podcast interview with Nancy Collins, Publisher of The Journal of Medical Practice Management, Dr. Nash discusses the challenges facing physicians today, the characteristics of an ideal practice, how physicians can improve the quality of their care, how physicians can prepare for pay-for-performance (P4P) and the extra training that physicians might find useful in the new era of medical practice.

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How Well-Informed Patients Make Better Patients with Dr. Jeff Gruen of Revolution Health

Dr. Jeff Gruen, Chief Medical Officer of Revolution Health discusses How Well-Informed Patients Make Better Patients. In this 20 - minute podcast Dr. Gruen discusses why patient education is so important, the types of patient education materials patients should have and how physicians can work with patients to provide quality patient education materials. He also gives examples of how well-informed patients are better patients (with better clinical outcomes).

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