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Healthcare Policy

Politics and Healthcare 2008

In this 20-minute podcast, Owen Dahl, MBA, FACHE, CHBC, author of Think Business! Medical Practice Qualtity, Efficiency, Profits discusses the current issues facing our representatives in Washington including -- his best guess on the 10.5% Medicare issue, the difference between national health insurance and single payer insurance, who are the key players to watch in Washington, the changes in DC that will have an impact on private practices, and how physicians and adminstrators can keep in touch with their representatives and how they can get involved on a local level.

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Healthcare Tsunami: The Wave of Consumerism that Will Change U.S. Business

Hear Wayne Glowac and Dean Halverson, authors of the book, Healthcare Tsunami: The Wave of Consumerism that Will Change U.S. Business, discuss what the Healthcare Tsunami is all about, the trends that these leaders are seeing in the provider market, why these changes in the market are so sudden and dramatic, whether the tsunami is a temporary or long term issue, and what medical providers (off all sizes and specialties) need to do to manage this change in the mindset of patients.

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Law and Medicine

Developing Personnel Policies to Keep You Out of the Courtroom: The Role of the Office Policy Manual

By Joan M. Roediger, J.D., L.L.M. - Employment liability has become an important issue for all enterprises. Medical practices often are not aware of the impact their policies and actions may have on their employees and the liability that may result.

17:55 8.42mb download Law and Medicine

Keeping Internal Chart Reviews from Being Used Against You: 11 Useful Strategies by David M. Glaser, J.D.

Internal chart reviews are useful tools for practices to determine the accuracy of their coding when billing for services, especially to governmental payers. They can also boomerang, however, and be used as evidence against a practice when their results are not fully understood or implemented.

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Governmental Focus on Fraud and Abuse with Rob Falk, JD

Rob Falk of Powell Goldstein, LLP outlines what areas the US government focuses on when investigating fraud and abuse relating to physicians.

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Ten Things to Do When Investigated By Regulatory or Government Agencies

Ten Things to Do When Investigated By Regulatory or Government Agencies by Glen D. Crick, J.D.: Physicians may become the object of investigation by a variety of regulatory and governmental bodies. This editorial outlines an approach to responding to inquiries by such agencies in ten steps.

13:31 6.37mb download Law and Medicine

The Physician as Witness

The Physician as Witness by Daniel I. Small, Esq. This editorial addresses the, "Four E's" to help explain the challenges doctors face as witnesses and the challenges lawyers face in preparing them.

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A Patient, an Internet Article, and Thou: Challenges of the Internet in Clinical Practice

This podcast addresses issues a physician should consider when responding to medical research gathered by a patient from the Internet, discussing both potential medical malpractice liability and offering specific, recommended responses for physicians whose patients conduct online medical research.

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Interview with Rita Schwab, CPCS, CPMSM of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and founder of MSSP Nexus Blog

The MSSPNexus web site and blog were created to support and publicize the vital work of the medical staff services profession. It focuses on news and information for medical staff service professionals and others who work in healthcare management, medical staff administration, quality, accreditation, law and provider credentialing.

Discussion includes the importance of blogging in providing news and information for medical administrators; credentialing physicians; examples of "phony doctors" and how the credentialing process helped expose them; the role of blogging for physicians and hospitals in the future; characteristics of a good blog; validity of information on the Internet and how medical blogging is self-correcting.

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Premises Liability

From a JMPM article written by Fillmore Buckner, M.D. J.D. This podcast discusses clear ways any physician or office manager can avoid major legal problems by paying close attention to the needs and rights of office invitees. The focus of any physician considering insurance should include not only malpractice insurance but also premises liability insurance.

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Informal Consultations: Do New Risks Exist With This Age-Old Tradition? by Toni Hendel, Esq., R.N., C.P.H.R.M.

From the article in The Journal of Medical Practice Management. This podcast cites three court decisions involving physicians who provided an informal or "curbside" consultation. The cases demonstrate the medico-legal implications of physicians engaging in informal consultations. The author then discusses the growing risk of liability for physicians who participate in this traditional practice.

0:14:04 6.45mb download Law and Medicine

Workplace Violence: Protecting Your Practice From an Epidemic

From an article by Robert C. Calway, M.H.C.A., B.S., M.T.(A.S.C.P.) in The Journal of Medical Practice Management. Workplace violence, in the form of verbal threats and/or intimidation and physical aggression, is commonplace in medical practices today. The practice must be prepared to respond to this disaster in the same manner with which they prepare for responses to a medical emergency, fire, or loss of electricity.

0:17:21 7.95mb download Law and Medicine

Financial Issues Facing Physicians Today with David B. Mandell, P.C.

David B. Mandell, J.D., M.B.A. is an attorney, author, and educator. He focuses his law practice on asset protection, tax, and estate planning matters. He also is a principal of Jarvis & Mandell, LLC, a financial planning firm focusing on tax, insurance, benefits, and retirement planning matters.

Podcast interview covering these topics: financial obstacles facing physicians today; the benefits of non-qualified retirement plans; how physicians can shield their most important assets, like their home, from potential lawsuits; what the new bankruptcy laws mean for physicians; what "Asset Protection" is and why physicians should be concerned with it; physicians getting good advise from their advisors; the future of medicine.. economically.

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Hot Topics In Employment Law 2006 with Attorney Shay Zeemer

Shay Ellen Zeemer practices litigation and counseling in Labor and Employment Law at the Powell Goldstein office in Atlanta, Georgia. Her practice includes representing management in employment discrimination lawsuits in various state, federal and administrative jurisdictions, including race, sex, disability, family and medical leave, and other discrimination claims. This podcast interview discusses the hot topics in employment law right now; what areas listeners need to pay the most attention to over the next year; unique employment issues do medical practices face; do small practices really need to worry about employment laws; the sense that everyone just "gets along" in a small office; discrimination and sexual harassment; what steps a medical practice needs to take to minimize employment risks; and what every-day steps can a medical practice take to make sure it stays on the right side of the employment laws?

0:22:20 10.23mb download Law and Medicine

Twenty Strategies to Reduce the Risk of a Malpractice Claim

This podcast describes 20 practical risk management strategies a physician practice can implement to strengthen aspects of the care delivery process and reduce potential liability exposure.

0:17:38 8.08mb download Law and Medicine

Preventing Workplace Violence in the Healthcare Setting

Sheila Dunn, D.A., MT (ASCP) and Sarah Alholm, M.A.S. of Quality America, Inc. discuss Preventing Workplace Violence in the Healthcare Setting. In this podcast, these experts discuss how widespread these incidents are and how practices should prepare for workplace violence. They also review who are the most likely perpetrators of workplace violence, security measures recommended for medical offices, and the tie-in with OSHA regulations. Quality America, Inc. (

0:24:58 5.72mb download Law and Medicine

When Dangerous Employees Cause Harm

Interview with Jon Zimring, Partner, Duane Morris, LLP, based in Chicago discusses his articles from recent issues of The Journal of Medical Practice Management. Mr. Zimring discusses how to define a "dangerous employee", why physicians and physician practices seem to be increasingly on the hot seat for liability, are workplaces becoming more dangerous or is the danger simply increasing for employers? He also covers useful information a practice leader can gain from employee exit interviews, and how to keep personnel policies relevant in today's changing employee pool.

0:24:34 5.63mb download Law and Medicine

Post Adverse Event: Reducing the Exposure for Your Medical Practice

In this 20-minute podcast, hear Jim Saxton, from the law firm of Stevens and Lee discuss why post adverse event is such an important issue for physicians, the advantages (and potential drawbacks) of physicians saying, " I'm sorry," and the importance of coming up with a plan and policy for the practice on handling adverse events. He also discusses why this is an issue not only for physicians but for everyone on the team in a medical practice.

0:19:54 4.56mb download Law and Medicine

Podcast Interview with MedPundit Founder Sydney Smith (nome de plume)

Dr. Sydney Smith is the name that the blogger MedPundit goes by and she talks to Kent Bottles, MD, the editor of The Journal of Medical Practice Management about blogging, installing an electronic medical record in her solo family practice in Ohio, and the problems with explaining medical trends to her patients.

0:20:14 10.65mb download Technology

Interview with Blog Pioneer Dr. Robert Centor of

Kent Bottles, MD interviews Robert M. Centor, MD, Professor and Director, Division of General Internal Medicine Assoc., Dean for CME and Huntsville Regional Medical Campus. Dr. Centor is one of the earliest medbloggers and runs the well known blog They discuss the phenomena of blogging and the issues facing new private practice physicians.

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