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Interview with Nick of Medical Blog Blogborygmi and Organizer of Grand Rounds

Kent Bottles, MD, interviews medical intern Nick of Blogborygmi ( The discussion provides an explanation of medical blogs, and discussions that include the concept behind, and the future of Grand Rounds (Carnival of Caregivers); why physicians are late-adopters of technology; the future of medical blogging; current criticisms of medical blogs as compared to peer-reviewed writings; new interesting technology in medicine; the transition from in-patient care to out-of-facility health care; and recommendations on how to dig in to medical blogging.

0:25:24 11.64mb download Technology

Physician Use of E-mail

E-mail, as an element of a physician's clinical practice, can provide the means to accomplish a variety of tasks more effectively and more efficiently, increasing patients' involvement in their care and optimizing face-to-face office time. Concerns about billing, improper use, privacy, and confidentiality have complicated its introduction and acceptance. This podcast discusses guidelines proposed for clinical use of e-mail and barriers that will need to be overcome to move this mode of patient-physician communication into the mainstream.

0:18:39 8.54mb download Technology

Blogging, Hazelnuts, Steve Wozniak and Anesthesia with Dr. Joe Stirt of

Kent Bottles, MD interviews the eclectic Dr. Joe Stirt, the world's only blogging anesthesiologist. Among other things they discuss the power of blogging, the price of hazelnuts, Steve Wozniak, quality medicine and anesthesiology and academic anesthesia vs. private practice.

0:20:47 9.52mb download Technology

Interview with Emergency Room Physician and MedBlogger GruntDoc

Kent Bottles, MD, interviews Dr. Allen Roberts of the medical blog. Several of the topics they discuss are medical blogging and its effect on medicine, why doctors are so slow to adopting new technology, personal experiences with EMR implementations, comparisons between military medicine and private sector medicine, mainstream criticism of medblogging and blogging's self-correcting nature, expecting medical residents to know what type of medicine they want to practice so early in their career, keeping up with changes in emergency medicine, being a doctor in todays medical environment, the physician "generation-gap", and tips to new medical bloggers.

0:23:07 10.59mb download Technology

Inteview with Tony of, the First Hospital-Healthcare Blog

Kent Bottles, MD, interviews Tony of, the first hospital-healthcare blog. Some of the topics they discuss are the doctor-hospital relationship, the relationship between clinicians and hospital administrators, the developing medical blogging community, and a discussion about Grand Rounds in medical blogging.

0:20:57 19.18mb download Technology

Interview with ZapGerms Blog Founder

Kent Bottles, MD, interviews Don who started the blog "Zap*Germs". Some of the many topics they they talk about are how the Internet changes the doctor-patient relationship, patients using search engines to assist in their own diagnosis, Paula Abdul's nail fungus, why America is fascinated with celebrities, the effect of recent US disasters on the reporting of the avian flu, the discovery of good virus samples from the 1918 Influenza, evolution as a faith-based religion, blogging as a cultural force, and how blogging is changing traditional journalism and why doctors should take blogging seriously.

0:24:59 11.45mb download Technology

It's the Right Time to Move to the Electronic Health Record with Dr. Michael Tooke, Chief Medical Officer of The Delmarva Foundation

Kent Bottles, MD, interviews Dr. Michael Tooke, Chief Medical Officer of The Delmarva Foundation. The subject is how the private practice office can convert to the electronic health record and take better care of patients. Dr. Tooke contends there are a number of factors making this a good time to convert.

0:25:39 11.75mb download Technology

EMR Pitfalls: Avoiding Costly Purchasing Mistakes by Jeffery Daigrepont, The Coker Group

With the increased capability and lower costs of computer technology, physicians and medical institutions are adopting electronic medical records as a means of improving practice efficiency and achieving both better patient care and monetary savings.

0:15:04 6.90mb download Technology

The Electronic Health Record: Is Now the Time For Your Practice to Invest in Its Future? with Dr. Peter Basch

Podcast interview by Kent Bottles, MD, with Dr. Peter Basch, a Washington, DC internist who has many years of experience using an electronic health record in his practice.

0:20:41 18.95mb download Technology

Strategies for Computerizing Your Medical Office with Robert C. Tennant

Kent Bottles, M.D. interview with Robert C. Tennant, Chief Technology Officer, CTO2, Holland, Michigan about technology in the small medical practice.

0:21:15 9.73mb download Technology

A Patient, an Internet Article, and Thou: Challenges of the Internet in Clinical Practice

This podcast addresses issues a physician should consider when responding to medical research gathered by a patient from the Internet, discussing both potential medical malpractice liability and offering specific, recommended responses for physicians whose patients conduct online medical research.

0:13:33 6.21mb download Technology

Interview with Dr. Chris Rangel of

Discussion includes early history of medical blogging; if physicians are "happy"; views on choosing medicine as a career; patients views about physicians and what they go through; balancing patients expectations in providing personal care vs. managing time; blogging as a physician and blogging in general; advantages and disadvantages of using a blog as a tool to market a medical practice.

0:22:21 10.24mb download Technology

Interview with Rita Schwab, CPCS, CPMSM of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and founder of MSSP Nexus Blog

The MSSPNexus web site and blog were created to support and publicize the vital work of the medical staff services profession. It focuses on news and information for medical staff service professionals and others who work in healthcare management, medical staff administration, quality, accreditation, law and provider credentialing.

Discussion includes the importance of blogging in providing news and information for medical administrators; credentialing physicians; examples of "phony doctors" and how the credentialing process helped expose them; the role of blogging for physicians and hospitals in the future; characteristics of a good blog; validity of information on the Internet and how medical blogging is self-correcting.

0:21:26 9.82mb download Technology

Interview with PZ Myers of

Kent Bottles, MD, interviews University of Minnesota - Morris Developmental Biology Professor PZ Myers, who is also the founder of the hugely successful science blog, They discuss the role of blogging for science and medicine, using blogs to interpret heavy science for the lay public. The discussion then turns much deeper and heavier to topics such as the erosion of public education, Francis Crick, the conscious being, trust in medicine, peer review, split brain experiments and science as religion.

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Interview with Medical Blogger and Resident Maria of

Discussion about the phenomena of blogging, specifically in medicine. Topics include reasons for, and value of medical blogging; the generational gap between the older medical establishment and the new crop of physicians; the doctor-patient relationship.

0:21:38 9.91mb download Technology

Interview with Medical Blogger and General Surgeon AggravatedDocSurg

Kent Bottles, MD, interviews AggravatedDocSurg about changes occurring in medical practice, medical blogging, the doctor-patient relationship, generational differences in medical student, consumer driven health, health savings accounts, geographical differences in medical care, quality of health care in America, an expectations for perfection when receiving medical care.

0:26:47 12.27mb download Technology

Interview the Psychiatrist-Blogger Shrinkette

Kent Bottles, MD, interviews the psychiatrist/blogger who goes by the name Shrinkette. They discuss the ever-expanding community of medical blogging and how the give and take of blogs has changed the way they view the doctor/patient relationship.

0:21:27 9.83mb download Technology

Interview with Medical Blogger John Grohol Psy.D. of

Kent Bottles, MD, interviews Dr. John Grohol who operates the mental health Web site Topics include medical blogging, effects of blogs on the doctor-patient relationship, the state of the doctor-patient relationship, transparency, views of mental illness in America, the effect of Katrina on mental health and medical practitioners use of the Internet and blogging.

0:29:58 13.72mb download Technology

Interview with David E. Williams of MedPharma Partners, LLC and founder of the Health Business Blog

Kent Bottles, MD, interviews David E. Williams of MedPharma Partners, LLC and founder of the Health Business Blog about technology in the medical practice and the process involved in adopting. Other topics include the electronic health record, outsourcing of medical services, and the future of technology in the doctors office.

0:20:25 9.61mb download Technology

Medical Blogs: An Interview with Kevin Pho of KevinMD

Kent Bottles, MD, Interviews Kevin Pho, M.D. and founder of about blogging and its and importance to the medical practice community.

0:21:21 9.78mb download Technology

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