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Start Out 2006 with a Firm Plan to Accomodate Your Practice's Competitive and Changing Marketplace

Nancy Collins

Success in your practice depends on having a strategic plan that works. Regardless of practice size or specialty, a strategic plan is essential in guiding a practice to achieve objectives and maintain quality, growth and profits. Physicians, practice administrators, office managers and business managers must have these tools to fulfill the vision of the practice.

A strategic plan is important because:

• Private practice is a business that requires a rational response to outside influence.
• Healthcare organizations of all sizes are dealing with unexpected change.
• Quality care and service can best be accomplished by defining who you are, where you want to go and what you hope to accomplish.
• Strategic planning helps you identify your course of action to achieve success.

Find a good practice management consultant who offers strategic planning courses. Make sure the consultant covers the key elements required in developing and structuring a strategic plan – and how to get everyone on board – so you can guide your organization in this time of change.

Make sure your consultant includes discussion areas similiar to these:

1. The key components to a successful strategic plan.
2. How to complete an internal and external market assessment.
3. The importance of examining past performance and practice variables.
4. Methods for developing a solid structure for strategic planning.
5. Ways to ensure quality, value and service in healthcare deliver.
6. How to get everyone on board with sharing the same goals and supporting your mission.

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