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Podcast: Financial Checklist for a Profitable Practice - an Interview with Max Reiboldt CEO of The Coker Group

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Max Reiboldt, CPA is Managing Partner and CEO of The Coker Group, based in Alpharetta, GA. Mr. Reiboldt oversees Coker's services and coordinates and/or supervises most projects. He works with providers to improve financial operations, develop and implement compensation systems, and institute profitable service lines. His expertise encompasses governance analysis and design, strategic planning, and financial performance. This podcast includes dicussion into what physicians need to do to stay on top of the financial reporting, what most physicians do to acquaint themselves with the operations of the practice and the accompanying financial details, tips for the practice administrator or office manager who may be preparing statements or reports for the doctors in the practice, costs spiraling out of control, a method of reviewing expenses to determine ways to reduce costs and to control increases, monthly meeting where the practices' financial reports are reviewed, trends in the reporting materials and the role of the office administrator, what practices needs to concentrate on in 2006 to become more profitable.

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