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Podcast: How Much Does it Cost You to See a Patient?

How Much Does it Cost You to See a Patient?

Podcast Editor

In this 20 minute podcast,  Owen Dahl, MBA, FACHE, CHBC, author of Think Business! Medical Practice Quality, Efficiency, Profits, discusses how much it really costs a doctor (or a practice) to see a patient. No, the answer isn't what you charge for an office visit. A physician needs wise management of costs and an understanding of revenue enhancement to assure long term success for the practice. But how do you analyze costs in a practice? Mr. Dahl addresses fixed, variable, direct and indirect costs with practical examples of what costs you can control. You may think it is your office supplies – but analysis of your payroll may yield larger savings. Also hear his expert comments about patient satisfaction, your no-show rate, overtime costs, and what it means to the practice to see just one additional patient per day.

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