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Podcast: Dealing with the Grouchy Patient with Judy Capko

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In this 20-minute practical podcast, Judy Capko, author of the runaway
best-seller, Secrets of the Best-Run Practices, 2nd Edition, discusses
Dealing With the Grouchy Patient. In many practices there has been a
change in patients' attitudes when they come into the office. Of
course, many of them are ill, but others are frustrated with the
workflow through the practice, their financial obligations, and some
patients just seem downright grouchy. What can the practice do to
help turn this around? Judy discusses how these patients have an
impact on the staff members, how to embark on the goal of a
patient-centered practice, what can staff members do to improve the
patient experience, how some practices just exude enthusiasm and
others just don't seem to connect, and what is the biggest change that
a practice can make to get patients on their side and improve the
working relationship. Judy Capko can be contacted at
and her books can be ordered at, Secrets of the
Best-Run Practices and Take Back Time: Bringing Time Management to

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