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Productivity in the Healthcare Workplace

Tom Hajny

I have a theory about human behavior and productivity in the work place -- specifically concerning health care business offices.  This theory -- my theory -- if rendered true (or even half-true) is troubling.  Here it is:
Sixty percent of all resources expended in health care business offices have nothing to do with optimum cash flow, cost, or customer service.

The thesis rests on the assertion that business offices resources need to be expended in support of the three C's of the revenue cycle:  Cash, Cost and Customer Service.

If activities (behaviors) do not lead back in support of one of these raisons d'etre, then they should be abandoned -- or, at least prioritized below those who do.

The wasted productive time is not the time spent hanging around the water fountain, or personal phone calls, or just plain cussedness--rather it comes from disorganization and lack of prioritization of critical activities.  It is due to a lack of an understanding of success indicators, and non-assertive management of problem employees.

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