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Reasons Behind Rising Health Costs?

Nancy Collins

 Based on the February 2005 Kaiser Family Foundation Health Poll Report, 1,200 respondents were asked to rate the factors they believe to be driving healthcost cost increases.  The results were interesting.

  • High profits made by drug companies  69%

  • Greed and waste  62%

  • Aging population  55%

  • Number of malpractice suits  54%

  • Use of expensive technology  46%

  • Absence of incentives to hunt for lower-cost doctors and services  39%

It is interesting to note that these respondents represent the general population at large and not individuals experiencing the highest cost impact for drugs and health care services.  Their perception is that costs are driven by greed and waste.  In actuality, the last four reasons -- aging population, use of expensive technology, absence of incentives to hunt for lower-cost services and the number of malpractice suits -- are the real drivers behind health care cost increases.  Source:

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