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Financial Management

Time-of-Service Payment: Customer Service and Cash Management

By Tom Hajny: This editorial outlines the rationale behind time-of-service payments, the psychological aspects of getting patients to pay their bills, and the major obstacles (and practical hints) to implementing time-of-service collections with office staff.

11:22 5.35mb download Financial Management

Is Your Billing Service Doing You a Dis-Service?

This podcast, from and article by Gregory H. Nizich, C.H.B.C., describes a manual tracking system that lets the billing service do all the work and requires a minimal amount of time to maintain. The goal of the system is to keep the billing service on its toes by routinely requesting the status of random claims. Eventually you will become a very polite, but squeaky wheel, and will get the attention you deserve.

0:08:25 3.86mb download Financial Management

Financial Checklist for a Profitable Practice - an Interview with Max Reiboldt CEO of The Coker Group

Max Reiboldt, CPA is Managing Partner and CEO of The Coker Group, based in Alpharetta, GA. Mr. Reiboldt oversees Coker's services and coordinates and/or supervises most projects. He works with providers to improve financial operations, develop and implement compensation systems, and institute profitable service lines. His expertise encompasses governance analysis and design, strategic planning, and financial performance.

What physicians need to do to stay on top of the financial reporting, what most physicians do to acquaint themselves with the operations of the practice and the accompanying financial details, tips for the practice administrator or office manager who may be preparing statements or reports for the doctors in the practice, costs spiraling out of control, a method of reviewing expenses to determine ways to reduce costs and to control increases, monthly meeting where the practices' financial reports are reviewed, trends in the reporting materials and the role of the office administrator, what practices needs to concentrate on in 2006 to become more profitable.

0:24:52 11.39mb download Financial Management

Financial Issues Facing Physicians Today with David B. Mandell, P.C.

David B. Mandell, J.D., M.B.A. is an attorney, author, and educator. He focuses his law practice on asset protection, tax, and estate planning matters. He also is a principal of Jarvis & Mandell, LLC, a financial planning firm focusing on tax, insurance, benefits, and retirement planning matters.

Podcast interview covering these topics: financial obstacles facing physicians today; the benefits of non-qualified retirement plans; how physicians can shield their most important assets, like their home, from potential lawsuits; what the new bankruptcy laws mean for physicians; what "Asset Protection" is and why physicians should be concerned with it; physicians getting good advise from their advisors; the future of medicine.. economically.

0:20:32 9.40mb download Financial Management

Avoiding Common Billing Pitfalls: Non-Physician Providers

Jennifer Bever, a member of the consulting team of Karen Zupko & Associates, based in Chicago, works extensively with medical practices, primarily in Orthopaedic practices to review and improve billing and collection processes. In this podcast, Jennifer reviews billing protocols for non-physician providers (Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Nurse Specialists), differences between "direct" and "incident to" billing for non-provider physicians, and common pitfalls for this area of billing. Jennifer also shares practical guidelines for medical practices to ensure they are following the appropriate guidelines for correct billing.

0:17:49 8.16mb download Financial Management

Improving Accounts Receivable Performance

In this podcast Ms. Davis-Jacobsen describes steps that the "better performing" practices take in order to improve AR, she reviews the components of an effective AR monitoring system, describes statistics and useful benchmark comparisons that are available to medical practices and she summarizes the most important steps a practice can take to improve accounts receivable performance.

0:25:29 11.68mb download Financial Management

Interview with Bruce Lefco CEO of Health Payment Systems

Bruce Lefco discussed the state of healthcare reimbursements and the features of Health Payment Systems, Inc., a Financial Transactions Company based in Milwaukee, dedicated to simplifying the reimbursement process and lowering the cost-to-collect and bad debt expense.

0:18:57 8.68mb download Financial Management

How to Get Paid the 1.5% Medicare Bonus by Betsy Nicoletti

Betsy Nicoletti, MS, CPC, President of Medical Practice Consulting ( ) discusses in this timely podcast, "Getting Paid the 1.5% Medicare Bonus." She outlines the strategy for reporting quality indicators to the CMS and the difference between pay for performance and this physician voluntary reporting program mandated by Congress. To sign up for the live audio conference on Feb 14, 2007 visit this link -

0:19:01 4.36mb download Financial Management

How to Stay on Top of Practice Finances with Judy Capko

Judy Capko, President of Capko & Co., based in Thousand Oaks, California and the author of the best-seller, Secrets of the Best-Run Practices is interviewed by In this 20 minute podcast, Judy reviews the concept of monthly strategy meetings in a medical practice, how to get doctors and others in the practice to buy-in to such meetings, how to best structure meetings to share performance data, and the most important issues and benchmark data to cover on a regular basis. She also discusses how to keep focus and momentum up for such strategy sessions.

0:15:47 3.62mb download Financial Management

How to Get Paid for Hospital Services with Betsy Nicoletti, MS, CPC, President of Medical Practice Consulting

In this 20 minute podcast, Betsy reviews details surrounding physicians getting paid for hospital services. Can physicians get paid if they have to see a sick patient more than once a day? What does group membership have to do with getting paid for hospital services? What is the difference between observation admission series of codes and the observation with discharge codes? What are the rules for critical care? What about the proper way to bill follow up visits after an initial inpatient consultation?

0:21:23 4.90mb download Financial Management

How Much Does it Cost You to See a Patient

In this 20 minute podcast, Owen Dahl, MBA, FACHE, CHBC, author of Think Business! Medical Practice Quality, Efficiency, Profits, discusses how much it really costs a doctor (or a practice) to see a patient. No, the answer isn't what you charge for an office visit. A physician needs wise management of costs and an understanding of revenue enhancement to assure long-term success for the practice. But how do you analyze costs in a practice? Mr. Dahl addresses fixed, variable, direct and indirect costs with practical examples of what costs you can control. You may think it is your office supplies - but analysis of your payroll may yield larger savings. Also hear his expert comments about patient satisfaction, your no-show rate, overtime costs, and what it means to the practice to see just one additional patient per day.

0:23:35 5.40mb download Financial Management

Real Time Claim Adjudication with Doral Davis-Jacobsen, BHS, MBA, CMPE

Implementing Real Time Claim Adjudication may be a smart move for many medical practices. In this 20-minute podcast, Doral Davis-Jacobsen Manager, Physician Services Consulting Unit Dixon Hughes, PLLC defines the term, how the process of real time adjudication effects accounts receivable workflow, the challenges in implementing the program, keys to success in incorporating the process into the practice workflow, and the impressive impact on the financial performance of the practice.

0:23:46 5.45mb download Financial Management

Interview with Bruce Lefco, CEO of Health Payment Systems

In this second installment of a 3-part series, Bruce Lefco, CEO of Health Payment Systems, discusses their innovative financial transactions promising payment to healthcare providers in twenty days, on both the insurance and self-pay portions on a non-recourse basis. In this 20-minute podcast, Mr. Lefco explains HPS's creative ways to communicate charges to patients and he also describes the SuperEOB concept.

0:12:29 2.86mb download Financial Management

Managed Care Contracting, Top Considerations

Susan Childs, FACMPE, of Evolution Healthcare Consulting, in this 20-minute podcast, discusses the most important aspects to consider when negotiating a managed care contract, how to convey the value and culture of your practice to insurance companies, the threat to terminate a contract (should it ever be done?), the most important contract language to address and strategies to use to keep up with the timeline of your contracts. Evolution Healthcare Consulting

0:23:34 5.40mb download Financial Management

TIme to Sell? Guide to Selling a Physician Practice

In this 20-minute podcast, Randy Bauman, Author of Time to Sell? Guide to Selling a Physician Practice: Value, Options, Alternatives, recently published by Greenbranch Publishing ( discusses the current market forces at play in the wave of physician practice sales, the key things physicians should look for when they decide to sell their practice, what hospitals are looking for in medical practices, and Randy Bauman's expert assessment of the landscape for physicians selling their practices. Randy Bauman - 800 467-3310

0:26:26 6.05mb download Financial Management
General Practice Management

Podcast Interview with MedPundit Founder Sydney Smith (nome de plume)

Dr. Sydney Smith is the name that the blogger MedPundit goes by and she talks to Kent Bottles, MD, the editor of The Journal of Medical Practice Management about blogging, installing an electronic medical record in her solo family practice in Ohio, and the problems with explaining medical trends to her patients.

0:20:14 10.65mb download General Practice Management

Medical Practice Management Discussion with Mary Witt, Senior Management Consultant with The Camden Group

Use of technology, pay for performance, total patient experience, picking a physician, electronic medical records, improving practice from finance and process perspectives, expense management, revenue enhancement, hiring a consultant, recommended professional associations, preparing people for change, practice management as a career, using retreats for building a vision and building relationships and newer trends such as advanced access, group visits, and care models.

0:28:47 13.18mb download General Practice Management

Interview with Ron Rosenberg, President of Practice Management Resource Group

President/Founder of the Practice Management Resource Group. They discuss the business side of medicine, more sophisticated patients, customer service, the difference between primary care and sub specialties, working with doctors, consumer driven health care, the importance of teaching physicians-in-training the art of communication, health saving accounts, transparency and how patients will choose physicians in the future, electronic medical records, having the physician involved in understanding the business through some basic and fairly simple processes, and practice marketing.

0:28:32 13.07mb download General Practice Management

Organizing Your Practice for Success: Vision Setting, Decision Making, Governance, and Communications by Will Latham, C.P.A., M.B.A.

This podcast addresses a number of steps that medical practices can use to improve their long-term success: developing an agreed-upon "vision" for the practice, establishing a sound decision-making process, putting into place an effective practice governance structure, and taking steps to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of group meetings.

0:18:49 8.62mb download General Practice Management

Negotiate Contracts Carefully With Part-time Doctors by Daniel M. Bernick, J.D., M.B.A.

Medical practices will increasingly need part-time physicians and indeed are becoming aware that many doctors prefer or require only part-time employment. This podcast sketches the emerging demographic patterns fueling this trend and discusses some of the contractual details to consider in terms of salary, benefits, liability coverage, and noncompete covenants.

0:13:29 6.18mb download General Practice Management

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