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Your Practice Can't Afford a Lunch Break  Jul 2012
Online Reputation Management for Medical Practices  Mar 2012
Your Medical Practice's Success: The Necessity for Change and a New Vision  Aug 2011
How to Hire and Keep Good Employees for Your Medical Practice  Jan 2011
The Patient-Centered Medical Home: How to Advance Patient Care Through Technology with Jim Stape  Dec 2010
Give Your Practice an Image Overhaul with Judy Capko  Dec 2010
Dealing with the Grouchy Patient with Judy Capko  Dec 2010
The Physician's Guide to the Business of Medicine: Dreams and Realities  Apr 2010
Trusting the Boss  Mar 2010
Dealing with a Multi-Generational Staff  Mar 2010
Things to Consider Before You Sign a Lease or Buy Land or Space  Mar 2010
RVUs (Relative Value Units) and Physician Compensation  Jan 2010
M.A.D. Leadership for Healthcare: Proven Strategies for Getting People to Do What You Want Them to Do  Jul 2009
Smart-Sourcing for the Medical Practice  Mar 2009
Streamlining Workflow in the Medical Practice  Mar 2009
Long Term Disability Insurance and the Physician Practice  Mar 2009
Healthcare Tsunami: The Wave of Consumerism that Will Change U.S. Business  Mar 2009
Compliance in the Medical Practice  Mar 2009
TIme to Sell? Guide to Selling a Physician Practice  Feb 2009
Disease Management in the Medical Practice  Oct 2008
Managed Care Contracting, Top Considerations  Sep 2008
Starting a Successful Medical Practice  Aug 2008
Interview with Linda A.Brown, CMA, (AAMA) President of the American Association of Medical Assistants  Jul 2008
Interview with Deane Waldman, MD on the Process of Medicine  Jul 2008
Interview with Bruce Lefco, CEO of Health Payment Systems  Jul 2008
The Ultimate Partnership: Getting Patients on Your Side  May 2008
Politics and Healthcare 2008  Apr 2008
Lean Healthcare in the Medical Practice  Mar 2008
Those Maddening Phones - Are They Wasting Your Time?  Mar 2008
The Action Formula: The Shortest Distance Between What You Have and What You Want  Feb 2008
Post Adverse Event: Reducing the Exposure for Your Medical Practice  Jan 2008
Feedback: The Breakfast of Champions by Irv Rubin  Jan 2008
Expanding into the Gay and Lesbian Market: What Savvy Medical Practices Know  Jan 2008
Real Time Claim Adjudication with Doral Davis-Jacobsen, BHS, MBA, CMPE  Dec 2007
Grow Your Practice from the Inside Out  Nov 2007
Hot Issues for Hospitals - and What that Means for Physicians  Oct 2007
Stop the Medical Office Bickering with Judy Capko  Oct 2007
Working with Family - Does it Work?  Sep 2007
How Much Does it Cost You to See a Patient  Aug 2007
How Well-Informed Patients Make Better Patients with Dr. Jeff Gruen of Revolution Health  Jul 2007
The Future of Group Practice by Randy Bauman, President, Delta Health Care  Jun 2007
How to Get Paid for Hospital Services with Betsy Nicoletti, MS, CPC, President of Medical Practice Consulting  Apr 2007
Interview with David B. Nash, MD, MBA, FACP, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Health Policy at Jefferson Medical College  Apr 2007
Space Planning: Increasing Patient Volume and Quality of Practice Life  Apr 2007
It's Never Too Early (or Too Late) to Set Performance Employee Goals and Expectations with Dr. Dan Strakal  Apr 2007
Getting Paid for Well Visits with Betsy Nicoletti  Mar 2007
When Dangerous Employees Cause Harm  Feb 2007
How to Stay on Top of Practice Finances with Judy Capko  Feb 2007
Preventing Workplace Violence in the Healthcare Setting  Jan 2007
How to Get Paid the 1.5% Medicare Bonus by Betsy Nicoletti  Jan 2007
Interview with Reed Pew, CEO and President of the AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders)  Jan 2007
Break Through Your Medical Practice Success Barriers  Dec 2006
Washington Update Podcast with Owen Dahl  Dec 2006
Interview with Bruce Lefco CEO of Health Payment Systems  Nov 2006
The Future of One-Way Patient Communication  Aug 2006
The Importance of Follow-Up: Why Is It My Responsibility?  Aug 2006
Improving Accounts Receivable Performance  Aug 2006
The Role of the Medical Office Manager  Jul 2006
Mystery Shoppers for the Medical Practice  Jul 2006
Use of Business Intelligence in the Medical Practice  Jul 2006
Kick-Starting Your Practice  Jul 2006
How to Reduce Administrative Demands in the Medical Office  Jun 2006
Health Literacy in the Medical Practice  Jun 2006
Avoiding Common Billing Pitfalls: Non-Physician Providers  Jun 2006
Twenty Strategies to Reduce the Risk of a Malpractice Claim  Jun 2006
Finding The Right Office Administrator/Office Manager for Your Practice  May 2006
Taking the Leap - Becoming a Health Care Consultant  Apr 2006
Working with Your Spouse, Children, or Other Close Relatives  Apr 2006
Hot Topics In Employment Law 2006 with Attorney Shay Zeemer  Feb 2006
Financial Issues Facing Physicians Today with David B. Mandell, P.C.  Jan 2006
Financial Checklist for a Profitable Practice - an Interview with Max Reiboldt CEO of The Coker Group  Jan 2006
Workplace Violence: Protecting Your Practice From an Epidemic  Jan 2006
Medical Practice Startup Strategies with Michelle Wier of The Halley Consulting Group  Jan 2006
Strategic Planning for the Medical Practice with Judy Capko  Dec 2005
Is Your Billing Service Doing You a Dis-Service?  Dec 2005
A Discussion on Boutique, Concierge, or Retainer Practice Medicine with Dr. Edward Goldman of MDVip  Dec 2005
Getting the Most from Office Temporaries by Laura Sachs Hills  Dec 2005
Interview with Medical Blogger Dr. R.W. Donnell  Dec 2005
Informal Consultations: Do New Risks Exist With This Age-Old Tradition? by Toni Hendel, Esq., R.N., C.P.H.R.M.  Nov 2005
Practical Tips for Marketing Your Practice with Dr. Neil Baum  Nov 2005
Becoming a Better Delegator  Nov 2005
Premises Liability  Nov 2005
Podcast: A Hope and a Prayer  Nov 2005
Medical Blogs: An Interview with Kevin Pho of KevinMD  Nov 2005
Medical Librarians as a Valuable Resource to Medical Practice with Sandra Dahlman, Medical Librarian at Spectrum Health  Nov 2005
Interview with David E. Williams of MedPharma Partners, LLC and founder of the Health Business Blog  Nov 2005
Interview with Medical Blogger John Grohol Psy.D. of  Nov 2005
Interview the Psychiatrist-Blogger Shrinkette  Nov 2005
Interview with Medical Blogger and General Surgeon AggravatedDocSurg  Nov 2005
Discussion with Professor J. Scott Armstrong on Peer Review and Tranparency in Medicine  Nov 2005
Interview with Medical Blogger and Resident Maria of  Nov 2005
Interview with PZ Myers of  Nov 2005
Interview with Rita Schwab, CPCS, CPMSM of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and founder of MSSP Nexus Blog  Nov 2005
Interview with Dr. Chris Rangel of  Nov 2005
Physician Workforce Issues: Interview with Atul Grover, M.D., of The Lewin Group  Nov 2005
A Patient, an Internet Article, and Thou: Challenges of the Internet in Clinical Practice  Nov 2005
Strategies for Computerizing Your Medical Office with Robert C. Tennant  Nov 2005
The Electronic Health Record: Is Now the Time For Your Practice to Invest in Its Future? with Dr. Peter Basch  Nov 2005
EMR Pitfalls: Avoiding Costly Purchasing Mistakes by Jeffery Daigrepont, The Coker Group  Nov 2005
It's the Right Time to Move to the Electronic Health Record with Dr. Michael Tooke, Chief Medical Officer of The Delmarva Foundation  Nov 2005
Time-of-Service Payment: Customer Service and Cash Management  Nov 2005
The Physician as Witness  Nov 2005
Guidelines for Corporate Covenants and Physician Employment Agreements  Nov 2005
Ten Things to Do When Investigated By Regulatory or Government Agencies  Nov 2005
Governmental Focus on Fraud and Abuse with Rob Falk, JD  Nov 2005
Keeping Internal Chart Reviews from Being Used Against You: 11 Useful Strategies by David M. Glaser, J.D.  Nov 2005
Avoiding Leasing Pitfalls  Nov 2005
Recognizing and Dealing With Impaired Clinicians Part II - Treatment Options  Nov 2005
Recognizing and Dealing With Impaired Clinicians Part 1 Recognition and Reporting  Nov 2005
Preliminary Screening of Job Applicants in 5 Steps  Nov 2005
Setting Trouble-Free Policies for Parental and Sick Leave  Nov 2005
Perspective from Both Sides: Provider and Payer - Shaun Soller, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan  Nov 2005
The Business Case for Complementary Medicine Services with John Ritch, Exec. Dir. of The Wege Institute  Nov 2005
Seeing Your Office Through the Eyes of Your Patients with Kris White of The Center for Exceptional Experiences  Nov 2005
The Three Things Every Private Practice Should Do Immediately with Dr. Maulik Joshi, President and CEO of the Delmarva Foundation  Nov 2005
The Importance of Effective Communication with Patients, Colleagues, and Staff with Dr. Michael S. Woods  Nov 2005
Don't Leave Money on the Table: Advice from Mark Huizenga  Nov 2005
What Patients Say They Want, and What They Really Want From Their Private Practice Physicians by Professor Carl E. Schneider from The University of Michigan Schools of Law and Medicine  Nov 2005
A Discussion on the Future of Healthcare with Dr. Richard L. Reece, Editor-in-Chief of Physician Practice Options  Nov 2005
Discussion about HSAs and Consumer Driven Health with Matthew Holt, Health Care Strategist  Nov 2005
Interview with Dr. Eric Novack, MD, Practicing Orthopaedic Surgeon and Radio Talk Show Host  Nov 2005
Interview with ZapGerms Blog Founder  Oct 2005
Inteview with Tony of, the First Hospital-Healthcare Blog  Oct 2005
Interview with Fourth Year Medical Student and Blogger  Oct 2005
Interview with Emergency Room Physician and MedBlogger GruntDoc  Oct 2005
Medblogger as Patient: Interview with Elisa Camahort of  Oct 2005
The Importance of Private Practitioners in the Education of the Next Generation of Physicians  Oct 2005
Marketing for the Medical Practice - A Discussion with Ann Teliczan of the Allie Group  Oct 2005
Levels of Care Discussion with Kent Bottles and Lori Portfleet  Oct 2005
Interview with Dr. James Rice, Vice Chairman of The Governance Institute  Oct 2005
Interview with Dr. Gordon Moore, Solo Family Practice Physician  Oct 2005
Interview with Anthony Cirillo, Healthcare Marketer, Consultant and Speaker  Oct 2005
Evidence-based Medicine with Paul H. Keckley, Exec. Director of the Vanderbilt Center for Evidence-based Medicine  Oct 2005
Career Development Opportunities for Physicians with Ivo Drury, MD/MBA  Oct 2005
Bonus and Profit Sharing in The Medical Practice  Oct 2005
Blogging, Hazelnuts, Steve Wozniak and Anesthesia with Dr. Joe Stirt of  Oct 2005
Innovative Ways to Boost Morale In Your Practice by Laura Sachs Hills  Oct 2005
Physician Use of E-mail  Oct 2005
Developing Personnel Policies to Keep You Out of the Courtroom: The Role of the Office Policy Manual  Oct 2005
Negotiate Contracts Carefully With Part-time Doctors by Daniel M. Bernick, J.D., M.B.A.  Oct 2005
Organizing Your Practice for Success: Vision Setting, Decision Making, Governance, and Communications by Will Latham, C.P.A., M.B.A.  Oct 2005
Interview with Ron Rosenberg, President of Practice Management Resource Group  Oct 2005
Medical Practice Management Discussion with Mary Witt, Senior Management Consultant with The Camden Group  Oct 2005
Interview with Nick of Medical Blog Blogborygmi and Organizer of Grand Rounds  Oct 2005
Interview with Blog Pioneer Dr. Robert Centor of  Aug 2005
Podcast Interview with MedPundit Founder Sydney Smith (nome de plume)  Aug 2005
An Editorial on Healthcare by M. Frenkel, MD, Founder, The Journal of Medical Practice Management  Jun 2005